Web Application Development

From straight HTML to full stack CMS sites, a wide array of projects designed, built, and published to the Internet. Apache server and PHP configured with many of these projects.

Paon Restaurant and Wine Bar

Drupal 6 site that allows the owner to administer menus and wine lists. (Click images to view detail.)

Paon Restaurant and Wine Bar Home Page

Home Page

Paon Restaurant and Wine Bar and Lounge Menu

Bar Lounge Menu

Paon Restaurant and Wine Bar Wine List

Wine List

Paon Restaurant and Wine Bar Reservations & Directions

Reservations & Directions

USA and Canadian HiFi

Drupal 6 site using the Ubercart e-commerce modules. The customer can create sale items with badges automatically added to product images. International currencies, taxes, and shipping are dynamically handled depending on locale of the shopper. Multiple language support. Same database and Drupal framework support both the United States and Canada sites. The site seen is determined by URL. (Click images to view detail.)

USA HiFi Home Page

USA HiFi Home Page

Canadian HiFi Home Page

Canadian HiFi Home Page

California Avocado Commission

A Symfony site built with Red Door Interacive. The site has customer, grower, and seller views. The recipe section allows the user to change portions and print the recipe in several sizes dynamically — using CSS with @media queries. The grower locator page uses the Google Maps API to interactively map the grower’s location in their biography. (Click images to view detail.)

California Avocado Commission Home Page

Home Page

California Avocado Commission Recipe Detail

Recipe Detail

California Avocado Commission Grower Detail

Grower Detail


Marketing sites for Verrado, Arizona planned community, still in development at the time. These sites are simple HTML and CSS. The form posts to a server-side CGI. (Click images to view detail.)

Verrado Discover Series

Verrado Discover Series

Verrado Weekend Getaway

Verrado Weekend Getaway

Acartha Technologies Partners

Simple HTML and CSS informational site. (Click images to view detail.)

Acartha Technologies Partners Home Page

Home Page

Acartha Technologies Partners Market Opportunity

Market Opportunity

Acartha Technologies Partners Management Team

Management Team

Acartha Technologies Partners Portfolio Companies

Portfolio Companies